Coughing Up Brown Mucus

Health is wealth and you should take special measures to protect this wealth otherwise, you won’t be able to live a healthy life. Even, small symptoms can point towards dangerous diseases and health issues, therefore, you need to keep an eye on them so these signs don’t go unnoticed. One such sign is brown mucus.


There is nothing to worry about if you are coughing up throat mucus. In fact, it is good for your health because it protects your throat from dryness. Apart from that, it also takes out bacteria which are responsible for infections and health problems. Things can change dramatically if the same mucus is of a different color. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at brown mucus.


Brown Mucus

When you are coughing brown mucus, then it is a sign that you might be affected by serious health issues. Known as brown phlegm, it can also occur without any serious health issue. There are various reasons for this change in color of mucus. Most probably, it is due to the inhalation of the excess amount of dirt and dust.

Brown mucus is quite common among smokers as they frequently cough up brown mucus. This occurs due to the smoke and when chemical present in a cigarette goes into your system. Eating a lot of chocolates, drinking many cups of coffee or tea in a day can also contribute towards the formation of brown mucus. Even, heavy drinkers will also face brown mucus in some cases.

Coughing Up Brown

Pneumonia, lung cancer, and bronchitis are some of the diseases that can be a precursor to brown mucus. Almost 90% of lung cancer cases are recorded due to tobacco but, in some cases, brown mucus is an indication of lung cancer. There is no denying the fact that brown mucus can be caused by environmental factors, lifestyle factors, and other factors but, you should never take it lightly no matter what.

If a cough is worsening or not going away and you are coughing up brown mucus, then you should immediately consult with the doctor and inform him about your condition. For a patient experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath and fever should seek medical attention immediately.


Dark brown mucus or reddish mucus can lead to dangerous health consequences but, you can easily treat it with the help of medications. Over the counter medicines, such as decongestants and antihistamines are an ideal choice to prevent brown or bloody mucus. Decongestant narrows down the lining of the blood vessels of the nose to reduce the blood flow. Due to this, less mucus is produced.

On the other hand, antihistamines block histamines. Histamines are responsible for allergic reaction in the nose which leads to the production of more thin mucus. There are few side effects of these medicines such as dizziness, headache, and high blood pressure. The best solution to avoid this brown mucus problem is to avoid smoking, drinking tea, coffee and alcohol, and food items such as chocolate.